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Our Story

Anime Central TnT, also known as "ACTnT" or just "Anime Central" to our clients is a family run small business by three siblings: Shannon, Adam and Leigh.

This is our story 

(... as told by Shannon)

Our story began with our love for Samurai X as kids growing up in the 90s. We used to sit together to watch this on our little TV and re-enact the scenes during play time. It may have been at secondary school where Adam was exposed to other anime... and he introduced Leigh and I to it. Leigh did not take a liking to the others, except for Naruto, the way we had.


After attending a small convention in 2013, Adam and I noticed that there were not many vendors selling anime merchandise, but so many of us wanted to have these trinkets with us, in our rooms and wherever we had space, so we sat down one night and thought about this. On the 6th of July 2013, we decided that we will be the bridge to all anime lovers by helping you get all your needs to live your best anime life and Anime Central TnT was birthed.


Our first major event as vendors was at Heroes Convention 6 that took place at NAPA, from the 11th - 12th October, 2013. Since then, we have attended many conventions like Alias, Kasai Con, Animarket to name a few. We have met so many clients during those times and even formed great friendships with some of them. Many of our clients can always find us at conventions, as we are avid cosplayers as well. We continue to enjoy anime and manga and all things Korean and this makes our business fun and easy. We sell to you only what we love and know we will want if it doesn't get sold.  Lol.

Thanks to everyone who is with us on this journey!

In general, we specialize in anime merchandise, cosplay costumes, contact lenses (prescribed and non-prescribed), official K-POP albums/merchandise, manga/manhwa/webtoon & light novel of all genres. We also offer high quality posters, figurines and a wide variety of anime from not just the trending anime/manga but from all genres.

Our goal is to provide you with high quality anime merchandise at affordable prices!

In this light, we provide weekly deals, the hottest pre-orders, the best anime bundles and crazy convenience. You can count on us to answer all your Anime/Manga & K-Pop callings, to provide you with keychains, necklaces, apparel, plushies, posters, figurines, room decor, makeup, manga/manhwa/webtoon and so much more!!!

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