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Contact Lenses FAQs

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

1. My eyes hurt as soon as wear the lens. Is there a problem with the lenses?

Many first time users have reported their concerns about discomfort that they encounter which may be due to incorrect wearing methods and it is their first time wearing contact lenses. When you wear the lens inside out, the rough surface will cause pain as it moves on your pupils. You must first distinguish the inner side of the contacts before attempting to wear your contact lenses. Before inserting lenses, please be thorough in cleansing your hands and wearing the contacts at a single try. Rather than persisting wrong trials, sanitizing the contacts and putting them on at single try after simulating increases your wearing experience.

Never wear lenses longer than the period prescribed. It is the buyer's responsibility to visit an Optometrist/Ophthalmologist before purchasing a contact lenses, this ensures that you are suitable and capable of wearing contact lenses.

2. I am experiencing blurry vision when I wear contacts?

Blurry visions are mainly caused by dry eyes. Be aware not to use too much saline water drops to resolve the issue as too much saline water drops may cause bacterial contamination. Long usages of contacts may deplete oxygen proportion of the eye which would also cause blurry vision to occur. The blur will be gone after 2~3 hours after you take out the contacts. When such symptoms arise, kindly reduce the usage time of your contacts.

Please be advised to blink frequently as this would help to to relieve your dry eyes when you wear contacts. Normally beauty contact lenses are mostly manufactured for short-sighted vision, and therefore the symptoms of blurry vision and discomfort can be greater for people with severe astigmatism. Taking off the contacts and leaving them without thoroughly cleansing will definitely shorten their durability and also decrease oxygen transparency rate. Most contacts remain at par condition for 10 months if they have been treated with care. We cannot guarantee how long the contacts will last if managed at poor conditions.

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