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Love is an Illusion Manhwa Volume 2 features story and art by Fargo with color inserts.


It might be said that omega Hye-sung has an attitude problem. His life as an alpha has been turned completely on its head thanks to meeting Dojin, except unfortunately for him, his life is about to get even more uncertain… When Hye-sung gets sick, a quick trip to the doctor results in a life-changing surprise for them both. Dojin is ready to take responsibility, but is Hye-sung willing to cooperate?


Publisher: SEVEN SEAS
Media: Manhwa
Genre: Romance
Themes: Supernatural, Yaoi
Age Rating: 18+
Release Date: 4/18/2023
Page Count: 440
Dimensional Weight: 1

Love is an Illusion Manhwa Volume 2

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